Lifestyle Changes That Can Positively Affect Incontinence

While incontinence is something that millions of people have to deal with every day, it is not something they may have to live with for the rest of their life. There are many ways to treat this medical condition, and not all of them involve taking medication, undergoing therapy or using incontinence products.In fact, there area number of simple things that people can do in their everyday life that will have a direct and a positive effect on their incontinence problem.

Bladder leakage can be gotten under control with the right changes in lifestyle, in many cases. There will be some cases where these methods are not effective, but those are fairly rare. The majority of incontinence cases can be treated to at least the point where the symptoms are greatly decreased, just by making some simple lifestyle changes.

Changes in Diet

Do you know that the foods you eat have an effect on your bladder control? If you eat foods that are high in salt, foods that have lots of caffeine or foods that are very acidic, then you may start to lose some control of your bladder. Often, there has to be an underlying condition there for the any food to make it worse, but the food definitely plays a part.

Beverages can affect your bladder control as well. Obviously, if you drink a lot during the day, you will need to urinate more often, and this only exacerbates the problem for someone who has an overactive bladder. However, certain drinks such as coffee, some tea (the kind with lots of caffeine) and carbonated beverages can all affect your control of your bladder. Even foods and beverages with chocolate can have a damaging effect on your bladder control.

That’s something to keep in mind as you struggle with incontinence. You should be careful about the kinds of foods you eat and the kind of effect they could be having on you. That doesn’t mean that you can never have these foods and beverages again, but you do need to realize how they may effect you and try to avoid them when possible.

Changes in Activity Levels

Many times, incontinence is caused by obesity and diabetes. You can affect both of these problems and their effect on incontinence by being more active. This will help you lose weight and give you more control over your muscles. Your body also won’t have to deal with a lot weight being placed on your bladder and squeezing it to the point where you always feel the need to urinate.

If you are overweight, then there can be a lot of weight pressing down on your bladder when you sit or rest, and that can cause long-term damage. The sooner you deal with the weight issue, the sooner you are likely to get control back over your bladder and reverse some of the damage that has been caused.

You can also do exercises that strengthen your muscles you use for urination and allow you to have more control over them. Talk to your doctor, if the problem is primarily a muscular one, to see what kind of exercises might help you.